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Hau`ula Elementary Student Life


Hau'ula Elementary is fortunate to be one of two elementary schools in the Windward District to offer an alternative educational experience through our Hawaiian Language Immersion Program (HLIP).  The HLIP program provides standards-based instruction in the Hawaiian language to students from kindergarten through grade six. 



Hau'ula Elementary supports the success of every child.  Transition programs like Keiki Steps, Preschool Visits, Na Opio Kane, 6th Grade Transitions, Complex Wide Activities and PSAP, provides the support to our incoming and transitioning students and their families.


Student activities like Kukini Exercise Club, Science Explorations, Student Government, Peer Mediators and Physical Fitness Team, provide opportunities for students to get involved and to further develop their talents and interests. 


Participation in District competitions including Science Fair, History Day, and Physical Fitness Meet provide leadership capacity, a sense of ownership, and Kuleana.

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