updated policies

Attendance, Wellness, Grading, Awards and Second Meals

Attendance is a STRIVE HI Indicator that supports student success. Students are expected to be in
school on time, every day. The State goal is 95% average daily attendance. A warning bell rings at
7:45 am and school begins at 7:50 am. Please review our Attendance Policy with revisions in pink.
Reporting of Attendance: State of Hawaii Attendance Procedures require schools to notify
parents/guardians when a student obtains five (5) absences from school. This is in reference with
Hawaii Revised Statutes Section 302A-1135.

Chronic absenteeism is one of the most powerful predictors of student success and is a key focus of
the Strive HI Performance System. In the State of Hawaii, students are considered chronically
absent if they miss 15 or more days of school for any reason - excused and unexcused. All
absences are considered unexcused regardless of reason as recorded on Infinite Campus. A letter
is sent home when a child has reached 5 absences as required by law. The letter will indicate if we
were notified of your child’s absence and no further action will be taken. After 5 absences, if the
school was not notified of the absence, the school will follow up with a home visit, a call or a meeting
scheduled with the Counselor, Administrator and/or Social Worker.

Reporting an absence: Parent/guardian must contact the school by 8:30 am at 305-2100 the morning
of the absence. If no call is received, the attendance clerk will call to verify the absence.
Returning to school for absences longer than 3 days: Absences longer than 3 days requires a
doctor’s note or a letter of explanation upon return to school. This serves as documentation and
communicates that the student has been cleared to return to school.

Absence due to medical treatment: Students who are absent due to medical reasons should call the
school office. Homework may be requested from the teacher and can be picked up after school.
Please call the office before coming.

Planned Vacation/Trips: Families are discouraged from traveling when school is in session. For
absences longer than 5 days, the parent/guardian needs to call the attendance clerk at 305-2100. It is
considered an unexcused absence. Teachers are not expected to provide homework.

What Counts for Attendance: The school does not provide supervision for students before 7:00 am.
Once students are on the school campus, the school is responsible and the child may not leave
without signed parent permission. Once students are signed out, they may not return back to
campus or participate in any afterschool programs. Students who leave school before 11:00 am are
marked absent; except Wednesdays – students who leave before 10:30 am are marked absent.
Students not in school by 11:00 am are marked absent.

WELLNESS POLICY: The Hawaii State Department of Education Implements the Hawaii State
Board of Education Policy 103-1 and the United States Department of Agriculture Healthy,
HungerFree Kids Act of 2010.

Nutrition Guideline 5:

Meals and snacks should include fresh and locally grown fruits and
vegetables when possible Hawai‘i DOE Wellness Policy Snack Guidelines PER SERVING :
• Calories ≤ 200 Calories
• Total Fat ≤ 35% of total Calories
• Saturated Fat ≤ 10% of total Calories
• Trans Fat = ZERO • Sodium ≤ 200 mg
• Sugar < 35% of total weight of item

Hawai‘i DOE Wellness Policy Beverage Guidelines :
• Maximum 8 oz. serving, except water, which has no portion size limit
• Water, with or without carbonation
• 100% fruit or vegetable juice with no added sweeteners (juice may be diluted with water)
• One percent (1%) or non-fat milk; flavored fat-free milk; and milk alternatives as permitted by the
National School Lunch/Breakfast Program; with no more than 22 g of total sugar per 8 oz. portion.
• No caffeine, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors


Junk food items such as candy, soda, dried saimin, and family size bag of chips are not be
allowed in school. For health and sanitation purposes, snacks cannot be shared. All snacks should
be consumed at the first recess to not compete with lunch service.
Here are some ideas from the Kokua Foundation for meeting the Department of Education Wellness
Policy for snacks and parties: Ideas for Healthy Snacks and Parties.


Grades given to students enrolled in the Hawaii public school system shall be based on their
achievement of the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards which specify what students
should know and be able to do. Performance ratings are given to reflect attainment of the General
Learner Outcomes.

This evaluation shall be summarized as grades, which shall be included in a report to parents at
the end of each term: semester/trimester or year. Grades recorded by teachers must meet the
dual criteria of validity and reliability. The test of validity is met when the grades have been based
on the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards. The test of reliability is met when (1) there is
a sufficient number of grade entries to indicate that a student has been afforded ample
opportunities over a grading period to demonstrate competence; and (2) records are maintained
accurately, legibly and support the grades given.

STATUS REPORT FOR THE QUARTER: Our assessment/grading process is broken up into (4)
quarters. The Status Report given at the end of each quarter provides a grade of the student’s
achievement based on student progress toward specific goals, expectations, and targets that were
taught and assessed in that quarter as determined by the grade level teacher(s).

STATUS REPORT FOR THE YEAR: The Status Report given for the year provides a
standards-based grade of the student’s overall achievement of the grade-level standards for the
year. It is possible for a student to receive MP’s (Meets Proficiency) or ME’s (Meets with
Excellence) for the quarter and still receive a DP (Developing Proficiency) for the end of the year if
they did not meet overall achievement of the grade-level standards for the year.

Students are recognized each quarter for their achievements in academics, attendance, and
behavior. The following are schoolwide awards presented at our end of quarter assemblies. Parents
are contacted using the information listed in Infinite Campus. Any changes or updates should be
made with the office staff right away.

NĀ HONU AWARDS: Criteria is based on the following school, district and state initiatives:
● ATTENDANCE: No more than 4 absences (excused and unexcused)
● (General Learner Outcomes will be incorporated after the development of a schoolwide
rubric. This is not currently a criteria)

PERFECT ATTENDANCE: No absences or excessive tardies for the quarter as reported by Infinite
Campus. *Infinite campus converts every 3 tardies into an absence.

PRINCIPAL’S LIST: All ME’s (Meets with Excellence) in the four major content areas: Language,
Math, Social Studies and Science

HONOR ROLL: ME’s (Meets with Excellence) and MP’s (Meets with Proficiency) in the four major
content areas: Language, Math, Social Studies and Science.


Any student who wishes to buy a second breakfast or lunch will be charged the full price for the
second meal even if their first meal is free or reduced.
Students must have enough money deposited into their account and must notify their teacher in the
morning if they are planning to buy a second meal, second entree or extra milk
Please find the meal price list below:

Elementary Student (PreK-8) $1.10
Reduced-price student $0.30
Second Breakfast $2.40
Extra Milk $0.60

Elementary Student (PreK-8) $2.50
Reduced-price student $0.40
Second student entrée $2.00
Second Lunch $5.50
Extra Milk $0.60