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About us


Hau'ula Elementary School is nestled between the beautiful Ko'olau Mountain range and the vibrant Pacific Ocean in a rural community in the Ko'olauloa District on the Windward side of the island of O'ahu. The school first opened in the 1900's and rests on six acres of land which runs along the narrow coastal plain of Kamehameha Highway.

We are one of two elementary schools in the Windward District who provide families with a Hawaiian language option for their child’s
education. The Hawaiian Language Immersion Program (HLIP), Ka Papahana Kaiapuni (KPK), delivers instruction exclusively through the medium of Hawaiian language. Culture based lessons, Hawaiian values, mo‘olelo and ōlelo no‘eau support program goals and the development of a deeper sense of Hawaiian being through culture and language.

Hau'ula prepares students in grades K-6 to acquire the knowledge, trades and skills necessary for lifelong learning, community networking and college and career readiness and success. Through an ‘aina, place- based approach to teaching, students are connected to the rich and diverse heritage of the land and community. Common Core Standards are addressed through lessons that are meaningful, relevant and engaging. Hau'ula is equipped with the resources and tools to build creativity, teamwork, responsibility and critical thinking. Our 1:1 technology program enhances student engagement, interaction and collaboration while
fostering lifelong learning and application of 21st century skills.

Hau'ula is committed to providing a safe, positive, nurturing, engaging and rigorous learning environment where students can apply tools and strategies to be problem solvers, independent learners and successful contributors in their communities and families worldwide. The implementation of five focus areas ensures success for every child:
Positive Behavior Intervention, Whole Child Development/Total Well Being,
Tiered Levels of Intervention Support for Behavior and Academics,
Management of Data Systems and Family and Community Engagement.

Hau'ula incorporates the Choose Aloha (Choose Love) curriculum and Nā Hopena A‘o or HĀ outcomes to strengthen a Sense of Belonging,Responsibility, Excellence, Aloha, Total Well Being and Hawai‘i. Together the outcomes become the core BREATH that can be drawn on for strength and stability throughout school and beyond.

Hau’ula implements the CHAMPS Classroom Management Strategies and abides by a Code of Conduct that is based upon the STOIC framework. Interactions across the kula are positive, respectful and professional. Before and afterschool programs, summer learning hubs and in school enrichment classes provide a well rounded foundation for the whole child. Opportunities in music, fitness, health, mindfulness, YOGA, Hawaiian studies, ʻāina/gardening, student leadership, Hawaiian language, STEM, media and entrepreneurship prepare students for future explorations in cultural, college and career pathways.

School Info

Uilani-Kaitoku-3333891 220.jpeg

Official School Name:
Hauula Elementary

Uilani Kaitoku


54-046 Kamehameha Highway
Hauula, Hawaii 96717




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